10 Best 26 Tennis Racquet

Updated on: September 2023

Best 26 Tennis Racquet in 2023

HEAD Radical Jr Tennis Racquet - Beginners Pre-Strung Light Balance Kids Racket - 26", Red

HEAD Radical Jr Tennis Racquet - Beginners Pre-Strung Light Balance Kids Racket - 26
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet, 25" L, Black/White - 55063

Wilson Junior US Open Tennis Racquet, 25
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Aluminum Racquet
  • Approved for tennis players 10 and under
  • Strung racquet without a cover

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquet (EA)

Wilson Tour Slam Tennis Racquet (EA)
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Power String bridge
  • Longer main strings for explosive power
  • Stop shock sleeves for improved comfort
  • Grip Size: 4 3/8

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet - Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Jr Racket - 25", Blue

HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet - Beginners Pre-Strung Head Light Balance Jr Racket - 25
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • HEAD PERFORMANCE: Born out of revolutionizing how we ski and play tennis, HEAD has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. For all levels of play, HEAD offers nothing but the best tennis equipment on the market.
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: HEAD Speed junior tennis rackets are ideal for a range of youth players. Beginners' rackets are available in sizes 19-25 inches for children ages 2-8+.
  • HEAD LIGHT ADVANTAGE: The youth tennis rackets have a head light balance which helps reduce vibration and aids in stability when hitting the ball.
  • DURABLE ALUMINUM: Made with an aluminum o-beam construction, the kids' tennis rackets last until they outgrow them.
  • DIMENSIONS: Frame Weight: 210 g / 7.4 oz, Head Size : 107in, Grip Size: 3.875in, Length: 25in.

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet - STRUNG with COVER

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet - STRUNG with COVER
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • A nice 26" long racquet for the learning junior from 10 to 12 years old, over 4' 11" tall
  • designed to look like Raphael Nadal's tennis racquet
  • lightweight aluminum construction
  • Reason for proper length is to ensure the racquet does not scrape on the ground. Besides that get longest possible. To determine maximum length - wear tennis shoes and measure from "vee" between thumb and forefinger to ground. Add 3 inches. This is the absolute longest racquet child should use. For example if it measures 21 inches, plus 3 is 24 inches; child should get 23 inch racquet as 25 is too long and 24 is not made

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)
BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • Volcanic frame technology for power and stability
  • Power strings longer main strings for explosive power
  • Stop shock pads for improved comfort
  • Strung, no cover.Unstrung Balance:33.5CM/3 Pts HL

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet
BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • 26" Junior Racquet. For kids around 5' tall and age 9-11
  • Aluminum Construction. Entry level racquet
  • Raphael Nadal Branded

Babolat Nadal Junior 26" Tennis Racquet

Babolat Nadal Junior 26
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • With identical colors to those of Rafa's racket, the Nadal Junior range is intended for all young beginner players who want to follow in the footsteps of their favorite champion.
  • The racket's aluminium construction brings lightness, handling and strength, making learning tennis easier.
  • Available in five sizes according to the child's height: 140-145 cm: Nadal Jr 26; 125-140 cm: Nadal Jr 25; 110-125 cm: Nadal Jr 23; 100-110 cm: Nadal Jr 21; Up to 100 cm: Nadal Jr 19
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Composition: Graphite Composite; Weight: 250 g/8.8 oz.; Head size: 645 cm2/100 sq. in.; Balance point: 310 mm; Length: 660 mm/26 in

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket, 4 1/2" - Green

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket, 4 1/2
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • Volcanic Frame Technology provides enhanced power and stability
  • Power Strings feature longer mainstrings for explosive power
  • Stop Shock Pads Reduce racket vibration for greater control
  • V-Matrix Technology creates larger sweetspot for increased power
  • Pre-strung
  • material type: Composite

Wilson Junior Burn 25 Tennis Racquet, Pink

Wilson Junior Burn 25 Tennis Racquet, Pink
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Authentic tour-inspired cosmetic
  • For advancing junior player
  • Power from the baseline

Wilson's New Spin Effect Technology Rackets May Start a 'Revolution'

A look at some opinions on Wilson's new tennis rackets featuring Spin Effect Technology

In that piece, I talked about it being the first racket system that would allow players to add over 200 RPMs on their shots without needing to change their swing. Two rackets, the Steam 99S and Steam 105S, will feature Spin Effect Technology.

Before that piece, I was able to talk to John Lyons, Global Products Director for Wilson about what the racket will actually do.

"World class and even good club players don't want to shorten their swing," stated Lyons. "So swing has become so important and generating spin is something they all want."

Wilson investigated the correlation between string pattern, racket design and spin, and is the only tennis brand to use proprietary monitoring technology to measure spin rotation, speed and height. Wilson discovered that fewer cross strings were a key driver of maximizing string movement along with faster snapback speed to generate more spin.

The main difference here is fewer cross strings.

Lyons says they will recommend that players using the Spin Effect Technology also use the Luxilon 4g string to get the most out of the technology. This is the string Serena Williams switched to, at least on half her strings, earlier in 2020.

"This racket is really for any player looking for more spin," offered up Lyons.

He said it could be for advanced players, good junior players and even women could benefit from the technology since they may not generate as much spin as the men do.

Now, I wanted to put these rackets to the test, and have players of various styles and abilities try either the 99S or 105S advance frames I was sent. Let's see their opinions.

Beginning Recreational Player

Liked the feel of both frames. Gravitated to the 105S for the slightly bigger head. Liked the lightness of the frame. Admitted they are still learning the game and how to put spin on various shots. Thought the racket did produce a little more spin with no additional effort. Would consider buying this racket when it comes since it felt so good.

Top Junior Player - Section and Nationally Ranked

She tried the 99S and was pleased.

"I don't hit with a ton of topspin, but it felt like I was hitting with more spin," she said.
She said it didn't play much different that her current frame, although she detected a little more spin.

Solid 5.0 Player

Tried the 105S, and liked it a lot. Felt he was able to see more spin and more bite on his shots. Has played Wilson frames before so didn't take anytime getting used to. Thought the frame also possessed some hidden power.

Veteran Player in his 60s - Former Top Ranked and State Champion

It is a solid, well balanced racquet. The racquet seems to me to generate more spin with the slice backhand and serve. I don't notice much difference with volleys, overheads and forehand. The more I hit, the more comfortable I got with the racquet. The head of the racquet is pretty stiff--not much give when you hit the shot. I know that is how it is manufactured. I like the strings.

World Ranked Touring Professional

A little skeptical at first, but when he got warmed up he could feel he was getting maximum spin out of his shots.

"I feel I could get into a little trouble with the racket," he said. "I felt myself getting a little whippy with it."

He said he could see an average player benefiting from this racket, and that it felt like a very solidly made frame.

Wilson has said their goal with this racket is to bring increased spin potential to a wider audience, and I think based on some of these opinions they are doing just that.

Is this racket for everyone? No, but is any frame currently being being produced perfect for every style and game? Of course not.

If you are looking for more spin and like Wilson rackets, this is probably something you should check into.

The Wilson Spin Effect Technology 99S and 105S are slated be out in January 2020.

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