3 Best Wii Tennis Player

Updated on: September 2023

Best Wii Tennis Player in 2023

3-In-1 Player's Sports Kit - Nintendo Wii

3-In-1 Player's Sports Kit - Nintendo Wii
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

dreamGEAR Nintendo Wii 15-in-1 Player's Kit Plus (gold)

dreamGEAR Nintendo Wii 15-in-1 Player's Kit Plus (gold)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Adds realism and fun to tons of Wii games
  • Includes golf club, baseball bat, pool cue, and tennis racket attachment
  • Also includes Sharp Shot Light Blaster, Racing Wheel and much more
  • Available in 4 great colors to match your style!

Wii 15 in 1 Players Kit

Wii 15 in 1 Players Kit
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • All the accessories you'll need in one package
  • Includes racing wheel, light blaster, golf club, tennis racket, baseball bat, pool cue attachments, remote cradle, 2 wrist straps, 2 remote grips, remote jeli sleeve and Nunchuk jeli sleeve

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort: What You Likely Won't like About the Game

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort brings a lot of fun to your console in one place. But some of the activities are so hard to control they take all the fun right out of it. See which activities might have you all up in arms.

More Difficult than You Thought: Archery

Leave it to Nintendo Wii developers to make a bow and arrow out of a remote and nunchuk attachment. It's easier to aim the arrow with these tools than you think, but hitting your mark is a different story.

Try aiming just once. You get a couple seconds to focus your aim on the screen before releasing your arrow. However, stay on focus too long and the game gets impatient and starts beeping at you.

There are 10 archery stages per player, per game. As you work your way up, the challenge gets harder. You have to factor in your surroundings, like wind direction, distance and terrain. You'll find yourself aiming too high, too low, too left or too right in most circumstances. In fact, you might even shoot off-target entirely.

Easier than You Thought: Sword Fighting

I actually thought the sword fighting game was going to be a challenge. But no. Attach the nunchuk to the controller and you've all of a sudden switched right back into the boxing game in Wii Sports. Not exactly what I had in mind for sword play on a raised arena.

But what's really fun is knocking your opponent into the water below. At first you don't know why your Mii is wearing a snorkel. Lose the game just once and you'll find out. You're soon swimming for your life after getting knocked off the arena platform with your opponent's sword.

But like I said - playing the game itself is just like boxing. There's no real sword play, which is kind of a disappointment.

Fun But Hard to Control: Power Cruising

Hold the nunchuk and remote like handlebars on a jet ski, and you've got yourself a power cruiser. But what I'm not so fond of is how sensitive the controls are around curves. Everything all of a sudden becomes a 90 degree turn when all you need is a gentle roundabout around an obstacle.

And don't even bother with the Beach setting. Stick with the Lagoon course, which is more scenic anyway. The Beach course is nearly uncontrollable with the waves that crash against you. You get almost no power surges with the remote, which makes it difficult to maneuver past an opponent.

Just Plain Pointless: Dog Fighting

Dog fighting is supposed to entail a lot of guns blazing and planes turning tricks, right? Not according to Wii Sports Resort designers.

Dog fighting is more like a leisurely island cruise around the resort. You get a dinky little plane that looks a smidgen dorky and don't get much maneuverability besides.

The airplane games are a great way to see the island from 1,000 feet and punch a few hot air balloons in the process, the otherwise, it's a painfully slow process from beginning to end.

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